Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

Unshaven FUE

Unshaven Fue

Hair Transplantation Turkey last update14.03.2022

Hair transplantation is possible without cutting hair. The as it were distinction between the classical FUE method and the unshaven FUE is that the hair is done without shaving. This way can be utilized by any suitable individual.

What is Unshaven FUE?

Commonly referred to as the unshaven FUE method of hair restoration is based on moving healthy hair follicles from one donor zone to a recipient zone, in another place on the scalp. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, which implies the actual hair follicles are removed and transplanted into the thinning zone. There are many reasons why the Unshaven FUE strategy is favored by those experiencing hair loss, and its popularity as a treatment is as it was reaching to continue evolving as more patients find the benefits of such a comprehensive hair loss solution.

Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey (UFUE)

Hair transplants without shaving give some benefits. One of the most wanted benefits is the discretion offered by an unshaven hair transplant. There are essentially no visible signs of an unshaven transplant taken after the procedure. Also, since the hairs are not shaved sometime recently extraction, it is easier to coordinate them with the natural point and direction of hair growth.

Our medical team has long been pioneers within the field of hair restoration; our TrawellMed clinic in Istanbul features industry-leading equipment and award-winning procedures.

Whereas hair transplants in the UK can cost up to £30,000, the same method can be performed in Turkey at a fraction of the cost. TrawellMed possesses over a quarter-century of experience in hair restoration methods and has contributed significantly to the advancement of the field.

Benefits of an unshaven FUE hair transplant

An unshaven hair transplant could be a complex method that requires an exceedingly talented surgical team. UFUEs are favored by people for many reasons. Being able to return to normal activities quickly, with no disturbance to everyday life. Your original haircut can be maintained. Because fewer grafts are transplanted, the entire recovery time for a UFUE is less than for a standard FUE transplant. Post-operative scabs and redness will be less conspicuous, and thus easier to disguise.

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Unshaven FUE hair transplant results

Month 1

During the first month taking after your UFUE, the healing process will take place, and you must follow the aftercare instructions that you just are given. The swelling and redness you will have encountered amid the first few days will die down, and compared to a normal FUE hair transplant, there should be fewer scabs to cause a disturbance. Any shedding hair that you release may be a normal part of the hair growth cycle – your new hair is forming within the follicles.

Month 2

Your transplanted hair will be within the resting stage before the old hairs drop out and new hairs shape to take their place. For this reason, you'll not notice altogether thicker hair in the beneficiary range yet.

Month 3

By this time, the recovery handle process is out of the way and your new hair will be growing continuously. Keep in mind, that a UFUE typically takes longer than an FUE and there's not much you'll be able to do to speed up the process, aside from certain supplements and considering medicine like Minoxidil.

Month 4

You will notice a slight thickening at the beneficiary zone where your new hair has been embedded, but as these new hairs are ordinarily ‘wispy’ in appearance, a recognizable difference may not yet be obvious.

Months 5-12

Amid this period, your transplanted hair will proceed to grow. And by around a year after your method, you may be able to see the total results of your UFUE hair transplant.  

Unshaven FUE hair transplant at TrawellMed in Istanbul Turkey

At TrawellMed, we can offer Unshaven FUE as well as traditional FUE hair transplants.

Book a consultation today with one of our surgeons to discuss your hair treatment. Our experienced experts will be able to examine your hair, and create the best hair transplant plan for you.

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