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last update06.04.2022

The only solution for sagging in the temple area is temple stretching aesthetics. 

When the age factor, genetic inheritance, and the effect of gravity combine, some changes occur in our face. The first of these is the temples in the face area. The lines on the forehead, temple and face area are different from each other depending on the elasticity of the skin in every person. 

These lines cause a more tired and exhausted expression in the person. Especially after the age of 40, the elasticity of the skin decreases. This causes deformations on the skin. The skin on the forehead cannot resist gravity. Likewise, the temple area and the corners of the eyes begin to sag. As the years pass, the existing lines on the skin deepen. The skin becomes loose and begins to sag. A downward movement appears in the temples, which puts pressure on the outer part of the eyes and eyebrows. As a result of this sagging, the skin in the temple area is deformed. 

The only solution for sagging in the temple area is temple stretching aesthetics. In temple lift aesthetics, the excess skin in the temples is cut and a younger look is given to the face in general.

Brow lift, also known as Temporal Lift forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that reduces the signs of aging on the forehead, upper eyelids and eyebrows. It also raises eyebrows, making eyes appear more open. The eyebrows hold in the ideal placement designed by your surgeon and dissolve over time, leaving the muscles and skin stabilized in their new, refreshed position.

Shorter incisions mean a shorter healing time and less scarring than the traditional coronal incision approach, which uses an incision made in a long, headband-type pattern on the back of the scalp behind the hairline.

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