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Stomach Balloon

Stomach Balloon

Obesity Treatment last update14.03.2022

The endoscopic insertion of a water-filled stomach balloon into the stomach is known as a stomach balloon procedure. It's also known as the gastric balloon technique, and it's designed to give you a feeling of satisfaction by filling your stomach with food. After 6 months, the inflatable, medical-grade silicone balloon can be replaced or removed with ease.

Treatment for Obesity with Stomach Baloon

The stomach balloon procedure is not a surgical procedure, and it is typically used by patients who want to avoid surgery. The stomach balloon procedure can help people who are unable to endure bariatric surgery operations, or who do not want an operation for whatever reason despite having a BMI of less than 25, or who want to lose weight before undergoing obesity surgery. If you are extremely morbidly obese, with a BMI of 50-60, you can shed roughly 10 kg by using a stomach balloon and having obesity surgery by reducing your liver capacity.


  • You can consume fewer portions thanks to the stomach balloon procedure.
  • It is used to help you reach your goal weight more quickly and easily.
  • The stomach balloon is used to guarantee that you eat as much as you need and that your nutritional balance is maintained by eating meals that are high in nutritional content yet low in calories.
  • Stomach balloons help you be more patient and turn your new diet into a way of life.


The Obesity-Friendly Operation

People between the ages of 18 and 65 can benefit from the stomach balloon procedure. Gastric ballooning is appropriate for patients who are mildly obese and at risk of metabolic disorders. Aside from that, individuals with 3rd-degree obesity and a BMI of 35-40 who are unable to withstand obesity surgery can benefit from the stomach balloon treatment.

Patients with a BMI of greater than 40 and severe obesity may benefit from stomach balloon procedures to decrease weight before undergoing obesity surgery. Obesity-related harm can be avoided in these people, and weight loss can be achieved with the stomach balloon procedure. Finally, the stomach balloon procedure is an excellent therapy option for patients who are overweight by 10-15 kg and are unable to lose weight by diet or exercise.

Instant Placement

Under sedation, the stomach balloon procedure takes 10-15 minutes using the endoscopic approach. The amount of weight loss achieved by the stomach balloon procedure depends on the patient's excess weight, metabolic rate, gender, age, dieting motivation, metabolic and hormonal abnormalities, and the amount of time spent on physical activities. Stomach balloon surgery allows you to drop 20-30% of your current weight. Adapting to the given diet and exercising will increase this rate.

Stomach balloon procedure is not a surgical procedure; there is no need to stay in the hospital following the procedure, and it is possible to be discharged within 1-2 hours; it is less risky than surgery; it provides a feeling of satiety; the patient is not sedated during the procedure; and, most importantly, it contributes to weakening. One of the most effective weight-loss treatments is the stomach balloon procedure.

Stomach Balloon Removal

The stomach balloon can also be removed with a simple operation. The patient is anesthetized, and the endoscopic procedure is used to deflate the stomach balloon. The stomach balloon is then withdrawn through the mouth. Following the removal of the stomach balloon, it is critical to maintain your weight. Following the procedure, your hunger may rise. You should follow your dietician's instructions and avoid disrupting your physical activity to avoid regaining the weight you've lost.



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