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Scar Removal

Scar Removal

last update14.03.2022

Our hair transplant specialists in Turkey prefer the FUE technique to remove scars. One of the advantages of FUE is that it can camouflage a linear donor scar formed in a previous FUT procedure. A small amount of hair is taken from the area around the scar and transplanted directly into the wound.

What is Hair Scar Removal?

Hair specialists utilized the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) method for a long time. Although this method offers a long-lasting solution, it has left its popularity to the FUE strategy since of the scar it left.

Indeed, in case this scar was covered with long hair, it began to cause discomfort and patients started to choose the FUE method, which does not take off any scar. FUT hair transplantation is the exchange of a healthy skin strip from the donor zone to the desired zones. As a result, it is inescapable that strip-shaped scars will shape within the donor area. It is possible to shut down these scars utilizing the FUE strategy since the FUE method could be a method without scarring.

Before the hair scar removal operation in Turkey, the patient must do scalp-extending exercises. After an appropriate scalp laxity, the operation can be performed successfully.

According to the preliminary examination of our hair transplant specialists, the patient will be informed about when to begin these scalp-extending exercises. We do hair scar removal utilizing the FUE method. The joins collected from the benefactor districts are exchanged to the harmed range by FUE method. The quality and elongation rate of the joins transplanted to the scar zone may be lower than healthy skin.

How to use The FUE Method to Remove ScarFollicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the operation of collecting person joins (hair follicles) from the assigned donor locale and transplanting them to the desired areas. The hair follicles are embedded into the recipient area without any scars employing a special tool called a punch, which includes a circular shape. The FUE method is broadly utilized in the treatment of scars on the head caused by FUT or other reasons because the FUE method offers a lasting arrangement in a short time and without scarring.

In any case, it should be noted that the bloodstream in these scarred zones is poor. In this manner, care must be taken after planting very carefully. If the follicles cannot be fed due to poor blood flow, the required result isn't accomplished. Our hair transplant masters conduct tests on blood flow amid the consultation and warn you of conceivable risks.

If your specialist proposes that FUE may not work for your specific case, there are other methods accessible for hair transplant scar removal in Turkey and our experts may talk about this with you in advance detail. This will be to guarantee your past transplant remains at the finest quality, and that you find the procedure to suit you.

Scar Removal Stages at TrawellMed Istanbul, Turkey

1. Calculate the Extent of Repairs

The primary step for scar repair in Turkey is deciding the area of the scars, their age, and their placement along the scalp.

2. The Pre-Op Stage

Typically, the phase during which the surgeon will take new grafts and hair follicles from donor zones with healthy hair.

3. Hair Transplant

the Follicular Unit Extraction is the method commonly utilized to cover scars since it is an exact one that yields natural-looking results.

4. The Post-Op Stage

This phase can be the ordinary recovery period amid which the transplanted hair falls after a few weeks and then begins to grow.

5. Enjoy Your New Look

Once the new hair begins to grow our patient will enjoy his new natural hair without any scars.

Scar Repair in Turkey with FUE Method


Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey prefer the FUE technique to remove scars. One of the advantages of FUE is that it can camouflage a linear donor scar formed in a previous FUT method. A small amount of hair is taken from the zone around the scar and transplanted directly into the wound.

FAQ about Hair Transplant
  • What is the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey?

The price depends on the type of hair and the methods to be used; hence, the price can be calculated only after the examination of the surgeon. Please, contact our director via Whatsapp or fill the form to get free hair analysis and more information.

  • Is the hair transplant process painful?

Hair transplantation is no more a painful process because of the way it is applied today. In any case, the specialist decides what a patient should utilize in the event of any discomfort because something else, it isn't felt as it is applied under anesthesia during the method.

  • Should I stay at the hospital after hair transplant procedure in Turkey?

No, you don’t need to stay at the hospital after hair transplant operation.

  • How long should I wait for shaving my head after FUE hair transplant method?

The head is often shaved in preparation for the FUE method. It’s possible to shave your head immediately after the procedure, however, it’s best to wait for 3 weeks.

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