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In the operation known as rhinoplasty, it is first aimed to determine the disproportionate parts of the nose. Because the patient-specific plastic surgery makes the process faster and easier.

Liposuction Surgery

As the nose transforms into aesthetics, it becomes possible for you to breathe healthier and more naturally. In addition, other health problems such as nasal pulp removal, reduction or enlargement of the nostrils, sinusitis, polyps are also considered within the scope of nasal aesthetic treatment. Especially Istanbul, is among the main cities that offer technological treatment techniques in rhinoplasty surgery. The price of rhinoplasty may vary depending on the level of the disorder, the materials and techniques used during the surgery.

Decision and Treatment Process

Before starting the operation, the physician performs a physical examination by prioritizing the problems experienced by the patient. Then, high-resolution photos of the face and nose are taken from 8 different points and all images are transferred to the 3D simulation device. The aim here is to determine the most suitable nose shape for your face through the visuals.

Your doctor centers the shape most suitable for your facial structure and then transfers the before and after images of your nose on three-dimensional masks. Thus, the operation can be started easily on the day determined for rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Aesthetic operation can be performed in 2 types as open and closed. Your doctor will determine the most correct type of surgery according to your nose disorder. In open surgery, the procedure is performed by opening the nostrils in an inverted V shape. It is especially effective in important disorders such as nasal tip droop, septum shift and shape change.

Closed aesthetic surgery is recommended for patients who feel their main complaints in the bone part of the nose. Since the nose is not fully opened, it does not create heavy scars on the outside. In addition, since the bands are used as supportive after the operation, there is no feeling of heaviness in your nose and it becomes easier for you to breathe easily.

After Surgery

One week after the operation, the silicone splints used in the nose are removed. In the first few days, symptoms such as bruises, mild pain and swelling may be observed on your nose. This type of operation-specific symptoms are less felt in closed rhinoplasty surgery. Since the bones are treated without breaking, the cartilage is less damaged and in this case, it supports the patient's recovery in a shorter time. However, it is always good to be careful just in case.

Cold compresses can be applied to relieve bruises and swelling. People with eye disorders should also start using contact lenses after 3 days and glasses after at least 2 months. In addition, staying away from activities that require heavy power for the first week will shorten the recovery period of the operation.


  • Not only your nose but also your face will change.
  • In closed surgical operations, there is no scar and the recovery process is faster.
  • The patient's self-confidence increases, and he gets rid of negative emotions such as embarrassment or boredom.
  • As a result of surgeries related to bone disorder, healthier breathing can be started.
  • The operation results in 1-1.5 hours with local anesthesia and the patient is discharged on the same day.
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