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Transparent Plaque Treatment

Transparent Plaque Treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry last update15.03.2022

The Invisalign (Transparent Plaque Treatment) treatment uses a specifically developed device composed of thin transparent plastic to shift teeth in tiny increments.

Transparent Plaque Treatment

Patients with misaligned teeth do not require braces in this orthodontic therapy. Because Invisalign plaques are translucent and custom-made to suit one's teeth, they are difficult to spot at first look. Only a close examination of your teeth will reveal the Invisalign. This therapeutic method is suitable for both children and adults. Let's say you don't want to wear braces for a long time since they're unattractive. In such instance, Invisalign can help you get the same outcome as braces without compromising your aesthetics.


For children, adolescents, and adults, it is a safe and commonly utilized therapeutic idea. Because braces are stable, you can't take them out for special occasions like weddings, photo shoots, or crucial meetings, but Invisalign may be taken out whenever you want.

The majority of individuals do not want to correct their misaligned teeth since they do not want to wear braces for an extended length of time. Invisalign has become one of the most popular orthodontic procedures because of its invisibility.

There are no restrictions for food or beverages because you remove your Invisalign when eating or drinking. When wearing braces, you should avoid biting something firm with your front teeth, such as an apple, since this might damage your braces.

Brushing your teeth with braces may require specific equipment, and flossing may be considerably more difficult. It is true that using Invisalign improves dental health.


You may experience pain in the first few days when your teeth begin to move gently in your mouth. Then you'll become accustomed to the sensation and no longer experience agony. As a cycle, each time you renew your Invisalign, the procedure repeats itself. The majority of patients who use Invisalign do not complain about the discomfort since it is tolerable. If you are in pain, you can take painkillers, which are highly good in relieving it.

This treatment can take anywhere from six months to more than two years, depending on your teeth and the intricacy of your situation. It all comes down to how your teeth are positioned in your mouth prior to beginning this process. Also, for the best results, you should wear your Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours every day.

You'll be able to use your natural teeth again once your treatment is completed. Furthermore, because your teeth are in perfect harmony, you will feel much more at ease than previously. If you had an implant or a dental filling throughout the course of your treatment for another reason, you'll merely need to be cautious of those newly restored teeth so that you may keep them safe and utilize them as your natural teeth.


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