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Painless Hair Transplant

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One of the biggest concerns of patients about hair transplantation is the local anesthesia used during the application. Many injections that are perceived as painful by the body are performed for the anesthesia of the donor area located at the back of the head and the area where the transplantation will be made.

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Painless Hair Transplant Turkey

The anesthesia connected and the pain experienced or thought to be experienced due to this keeps numerous patients away from hair transplant operations. We found needle-free injection after long inquire about and testing to create treatments more pleasant. In other words, injection without the utilize of anesthesia, needle and cannula… With this method, it is conceivable to inject a sufficient amount of anesthetic subcutaneously without using a needle or cannula.

How Is This Possible? (Pain Free Hair Transplant)

Pen-like mini injectors, which are arranged agreeing to the sum of anesthetic required for the patient and connected through the skin, are utilized. The pin of the pen features a bolt tensioned on a spring. Much appreciated to this tension, the medicate is connected to the skin very rapidly and painlessly. The anesthetic is connected 30% less painfully and as it were a small burning sensation is felt after the injection.

We’re Answering Most Common Question: Is the hair transplant painful?

People considering a hair transplant, for the most part spend a lot of time investigating and watching bounty of videos on hair transplantation earlier to their procedure. Indeed in spite of the fact that they may be able to imagine and get it the concepts of hair transplantation; what it truly feels like to undergo the operation can as it were be completely understood when experienced.

In this article, TrawellMed will attempt to provide a reply to one of the most common questions inquired by numerous people planning to experience a hair transplant; “Is the hair transplant procedure painful?” In arrange to have a clear understanding of what a pain-free hair transplant (easy hair transplant, needle-free hair transplant) is, the first thing that ought to be known is the areas that will be exposed to pain. This, in turn, requires an understanding of the essential standards of a hair transplant method.

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The Best Solution for a Painless Hair TransplantThe FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method could be a method of hair transplantation where the hair roots are taken from the donor zone one by one and after that inserted into little canals that have been prepped and opened up by the doctor. Unlike the FUE technique, there's no cutting or sewing involved within the FUE method. Since the grafts taken with the FUE method are standard and uniform, and since we're ready to implant them at the specified angle, this method produces the foremost natural-looking results and guarantees the grafts mix in with the original hair seamlessly.

When performing hair transplantation by FUE, the hair follicles are put one by one within the scalp so that the grafts are put within the proper direction for the result to be natural. One of the most reasons for the success of the FUE hair transplant is its natural look. During FUE hair transplant, hair follicles are embedded one by one. In this way, the orientation of the grafts is decided for a natural result.

At TrawellMed, our top primary makes the patient more comfortable during hair transplant surgery and provides his desired look! You can always get details from our hair transplant specialist about your hair loss condition from Whatsapp or by filling our Form.

Sub-Techniques of the FUE Hair Transplant Method

DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation), is the method of transplanting grafts, which have been extricated concurring to the FUE technique, by the utilization of an implanter pen. Other sub-techniques incorporate Robotic FUE, Sapphire FUE, Micro Motor FUE, Hair Transplantation by Percutaneous Procedure.

Painless, Pain-Free Hair Transplant in Turkey

What is implied by a painless, pain-free hair transplant method is that the local anesthetic injection pain experienced by the patient during the procedure of extracting follicular unit grafts as well as the transplantation handle, will be totally eliminated, changing hair transplant operations into painless methods.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

With different inexpensive choices in hand, many prefer painless hair transplantation for the taking after reasons.

  • It could be a one-session procedure.
  • The results are promising and don't involve different visits to the doctor.
  • The appearance is improved together with the certainty levels and morale.
  • It is a lifetime permanent solution.
  • Post-surgery care is easy.
  • Maintenance, within the long run, is simple.
  • With the hair follicles beginning to grow on their possess after a few months, the result is highly satisfying.
  • The likelihood of side impacts is extremely low.


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