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Now Fashion Marriage Aesthetics

Now Fashion Marriage Aesthetics

last update16.02.2023

It has almost become a tradition to have plastic surgery before the wedding.

Brides and grooms knock on the door of plastic surgeons before the wedding ceremony to look flawless on that special day. Some have oil removal, some have hair transplants, some have their noses straightened. There are also those who have eyebrow and beard transplanted! Medical Park Hospital Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Dr. Elif Eren Aydın talked about the aesthetic demands of bride and groom candidates who want to look their best on the wedding day: Pre-wedding preparations start months before the wedding. Both bride and groom; she wishes to appear perfectly in front of her future husband and to look beautiful from every profile in her wedding photos. Brides and grooms get aesthetic touch-ups before sitting at the wedding table to look perfect on that special day. 
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