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No More Pain in Hair Transplantation - Posta

No more pain in hair transplantation with sapphire-tipped blades.

last update16.02.2023

Hair Transplantation Specialist Songül Alçı said that with sapphire-tipped blades, the pain in hair transplantation is over.

Plaster stated that hair loss is not a health problem in men, but a natural process and said, "The back of the front line, the formation of intermediate sparsity, the formation of the crown are male-pattern hair loss. In recent years, external factors such as nutritional stress, even if we do not see baldness in our family, we do not have baldness in the early period. While balding in men is accepted and even balding men can create a trend, we cannot accept balding and hair thinning in women. In both groups, weight loss efforts, hormonal problems, iron deficiency, city life, work stress, divorce, frequent hairdressing procedures, frequent dyeing , frequent hair color changes, psychological reasons (Trichotollomania), hair loss (Alopecia areata), hair added due to birth hair extension in women, hair is constantly exposed to trauma. All these reasons are factors that disrupt our hair health and cause hair loss. When the shedding reaches a certain level, the problem with direct hair transplantation They can solve it," he said.

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