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“Hair transplantation, the leading actor of health tourism, supports many sectors”

“Hair transplantation, the leading actor of health tourism, supports many sectors”

last update07.06.2022

Health Management Specialist Songül Alcı stated that hair transplantation services are provided in Turkey far above the world standards and said, “Thousands of tourists come to our country for hair transplantation.

They also leave foreign currency by visiting historical and touristic places. From this point of view, hair transplant organizations support many sectors from airline tickets to taxi drivers, from touristic places to entertainment centers.”

Health Management and Hair Transplantation Specialist Songül Alcı stated that they contribute to health tourism through her clinic in Kadıköy, Istanbul, and pointed out that hair transplant operations are at the top of health tourism, and explained the reasons why Turkey is preferred for hair procedures with the following words:

“Turkey offers many advantages in health tourism. The quality of hair transplantation is now our foremost advantage. Being cheap is no longer the only criterion. Due to factors such as the variety of applications, experienced personnel, touristic activities and the ability to find solutions to additional health services at the same time, Turkey is among the priority preferences of those who want to have a hair transplant.

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