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Hair Transplant for Men in Turkey, İstanbul

TrawellMed is continuously committed to giving the most excellent quality hair treatments that produce long-lasting results. We have invested in new techniques and technologies such as Sapphire Hair Transplant technique. This technique provides a new medical device and gives the best FUE results.

In TrawellMed Clinic by Songül Alcı, our specialists choose the hair loss sorts of patients and the districts that require treatment on the scalp and arrange the sapphire hair transplantation operation. ​​Our patients come to the clinic on the morning of the hair transplant operation, rapidly after the operation, they sign point-by-point informed consent forms roughly the hair transplantation and allow the infectious infection board tests required for the security of the patient and surgical operation.

Turkey, Istanbul Hair Transplant Packages

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Fairfill out the form along with your name and phone number. You will then be contacted by one of our hair experts via Whatsapp, and you will be asked to submit photos of your head at any angle so that we can get a preparatory consultation with our specialists.

What’s Hair Transplant?

Scalp hairs normally grow singly or in groups known as follicular units containing two to four hairs. Advanced hair transplants can be extremely normal looking by transplanting follicular units instead of plugs as was done in the past.

There are numerous reasons you might lose your hair. Of time hair loss is temporary, but it can be permanent. Hair implants may offer assistance with lasting hair loss caused by:

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune infection that assaults hair follicles.

Androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness.

Thyroid infections or hormonal imbalances.

Traumatic wounds or burns.

There are many new methods of hair transplants, most of which construct the greatest advancement in hair transplant innovation, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) strategy. Gone are the days of having scars within the rear of the head as well as unnatural-looking hair plugs. Presently, the FUE strategy (and its many variations), as well as the DHI strategy of transplantation, comes about see normal and long-lasting.

FUE hair transplant is much more imaginative than other methods, and it has as of late been broadly favored since it gives much comfort to both the persistent and the specialist. One of the reasons why this method is favored over others is that it permits the individual to recoup quickly since there's no entry point made on the individual's scalp. There are no fastening marks after the operation since no incision is made on the scalp. Since the recovery period is shortened, the speed of achieving sound appearance increments. For all these reasons, the FUE strategy is preferred.

The FUE hair transplantation method is broadly favored by those who want a painless hair plantation process. The total hair transplantation preparation is completed in 6-7 hours with neighborhood anesthesia.

How’s FUE Hair Transplant Done?

Before FUE hair transplantation, hairs within the giver area are brought to a length of 1 mm. After shortening the hair, hair follicles are taken from the giver area. Sometime recently beginning the method, the region where the hair will be transplanted and the range where the hair follicles will be taken are desensitized with nearby anesthesia. After the anesthesia preparation, the micro-motor tip depilates the hair follicle from the skin towards the course of hair development so as to require the hair root. After the needed grafts are taken, the transplantation preparation is performed with the same strategy.

The scruff of the neck behind both ears is ordinarily chosen as the benefactor area. Apart from hair transplantation, in case transplantation strategies such as mustache or whiskers are considered, this ought to be expressed to the healthcare professional. Since the hair follicles collected from the giver range have a certain sum and are taken one by one.  

The unique atomic Characteristics of Sapphire Gemstones that quicken cell regeneration and healing handle makes Sapphire FUE Hair transplant the foremost appropriate technique for people with delicate scalps and people that are searching for the perfect Hair line and natural appearance.  

The method can take a few hours. Most people remain wakeful during the surgery, but they get medicine to numb the scalp. You may require a few procedures depending on how much hair your provider needs to move. Your scalp will be got to heal for some months between procedures.

Why’s FUE Technique?

  1. Safe
  2. Minimally invasive
  3. Pain-free
  4. Permanent results
  5. Outpatient
  6. Is that they allow dermatologists to address hair loss in other parts of the body such as eyebrows, and eyelashes, and confront (the loss of facial hair) with medicines as below.

What are the Potential Benefits of Hair Transplant?

  • Fuller head of hair with fewer bare areas.
  • Improved self-esteem.
  • Permanent hair loss solution.

When Should I See My Hair Transplant Specialist After Surgery?

You’ll likely have several follow-up visits together with your healthcare supplier after surgery. They will make sure your scalp is mending well. But contact your supplier right away if you experience any of the taking-after problems:  

  • A fever that doesn’t go away.
  • Excessive dying from your scalp.
  • Severe redness or pain on your scalp.
  • Signs of disease, such as green or yellow discharge oozing from the cuts in your scalp.

Hair Transplant at TrawellMed in Turkey, Istanbul

If you find yourself enduring hair loss, then be beyond doubt to induce in touch with the team at TrawellMed. We offer our hair transplant services to both men and ladies over Turkey, our specialists will do their extreme best to ensure you accomplish more full-looking hair. For more information on our hair restoration surgery be sure to urge in touch with the specialists at TrawellMed today.

  • Hair Transplant FAQ

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  • DHI Technique
    DHI Technique

    The DHI method is performed by planting the hair follicles collected by the micromotor to the targeted area by the automatic Choi implanter. In this method, the thickness of the grafts is between 0.6 – 1 mm. These grafts can be separated from each other and cleaned. The difference from the FUE method is that hair transplantation is done in one step.

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  • FUE Hair Transplant
    FUE Hair Transplant

    It is the process of removing the hair follicles from the scalp in the form of single, double, triple follicular units with a micromotor with special tips of 0.6-1.1 mm in diameter without any incision marks and without using stitches. It is the only coke removal method used in Hair Transplantation. 

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  • Unshaven FUE
    Unshaven Fue

    Hair transplantation is possible without cutting hair. The as it were distinction between the classical FUE method and the unshaven FUE is that the hair is done without shaving. This way can be utilized by any suitable individual.

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  • Eyebrow Transplant
    Eyebrow Transplant Turkey

    Considering beauty and aesthetics, we know that our eyebrows are the most impressive element in our facial expression. We know that there are changes in the facial expression of the person when the eyebrow is thinned and disappears. 

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  • Beard / Mustache Transplantation
    Beard / Mustache Transplantation

    One of the most important accessories of men is the beard and mustache. Beard and mustache may not grow as often as desired, usually due to hormonal disorders or as a result of burns, injuries and exposure to chemicals. 

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  • Micropigmentation

    There is a second possibility to make the hair look fuller again in cases of hair thinning, scars and regional balding. This process, known as hair pigmentation or microblading, is a 3D (three-dimensional) technique shading for the purpose of tightening the hair gaps. This process is also called hair tattooing and hair simulation. It helps the hair to appear thick and dense. Hair effect is provided in sparse areas.

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  • Scar Removal
    Scar Removal

    Our hair transplant specialists in Turkey prefer the FUE technique to remove scars. One of the advantages of FUE is that it can camouflage a linear donor scar formed in a previous FUT procedure. A small amount of hair is taken from the area around the scar and transplanted directly into the wound.

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  • Painless Hair Transplant
    May Be The Perfect Solution For Your Flawless Image

    One of the biggest concerns of patients about hair transplantation is the local anesthesia used during the application. Many injections that are perceived as painful by the body are performed for the anesthesia of the donor area located at the back of the head and the area where the transplantation will be made.

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