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Hair Transplant Man Quit Smoking

Hair Transplant Man Quit Smoking

last update16.02.2023

We do not want to walk around without hair, just as we do not walk around with missing teeth. For this reason, one in three men has a hair transplant. The first thing for men who have hair transplant is to start sports and get a fit look and quit smoking.

According to the researches, seven out of every 10 men in Turkey lose their hair. One out of three men resorts to hair transplantation. Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Hair Health and Hair Transplantation Unit Coordinator Songül Alcı said that hair loss causes serious loss of self-confidence in men and problems in their business and social life. their social life is getting stronger," she says.

Songül Alcı told her tips about hair transplantation... Hair loss has various causes in men and women. A healthy hair sheds between 50-100 strands on average per day. In cases of excessive hair loss, this number increases. Seeing a large amount of hair accumulating on our combs, bathroom and sink drains means danger bells are ringing in our hair. There are many reasons for hair loss. Hormonal problems in women, anemia, vitamin and mineral deficiency, pregnancy-birth, protein deficiency due to shock diets, alcohol and cigarette consumption and stress; leading these reasons.

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