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Face Lifting

Face Lifting

Body Aesthetic last update14.03.2022

As you get older, along the lower jawbone, especially in the upper and middle parts of the face, sagging and fat accumulation may occur. Due to sagging, the face may look tired and cheekbones will lose their prominence.

Face Lifting Surgery

In all areas or partial sections of the face, which we classify these sections as upper, middle and lower face, a surgical procedure can be performed to relieve these kinds of deformations.

The incisions for the face-lifting operation are usually made in the temples, beginning at the hairline and continuing behind the earlobe, following the natural line in front of the ear (or the inside of the cartilage in front of the ear).

Thus, following the procedure, the post-operative traces are hidden and unnoticeable.

The procedure will take between 2 and 8 hours, depending on the face areas to be treated, and usually will necessitate an overnight stay in hospital.

Occasionally, minor procedures can be performed with local anesthesia without the need of overnight stay in the hospital.

Post-operative edema and swelling can be observed commonly. Within a week, the edema and swelling decrease considerably. Thus, the patients can return to their daily lives after the sutures are removed on the 10th day after the surgery.

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