Beard and Mustache Transplant in Turkey

Beard / Mustache Transplantation

Beard / Mustache Transplantation

Hair Transplantation Turkey last update14.03.2022

One of the most important accessories of men is the beard and mustache. Beard and mustache may not grow as often as desired, usually due to hormonal disorders or as a result of burns, injuries and exposure to chemicals. 

Beard Transplant in Turkey

The hair follicles required for beard transplant can be taken from the cheekbones and neck zone. In expansion, the hair follicles on the nape can be utilized for beard transplant. Removing and transplanting hair in these zones is work that requires experience. Therefore, when you start to search best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, make sure they have enough experience.

Nape hair is finer than facial hair. The most successful solution in cases of hair loss or no hair growth on the upper lips of men is a mustache transplant. The hair roots required for mustache transplantation are obtained from the scruff. The hair follicles taken one by one from the nape are planted on the upper side of the lip.

How To Be Sure You’re Suitable For a Beard Hair Transplant?

To have a facial hair transplant in Turkey you'll need to have some hair on your body that can be extracted and migrated to the location you need to improve. Therefore, indeed in case you're bald or balding and don’t want to have your head hair removed, if you've got hair elsewhere on your body it may be possible. Beard transplants are usually done with hair from the back or side of your head, with beard hair under the chin, or with chest hair.

If you're uncertain about your suitability, fill out the form or chat with our hair care experts on Whatsapp for your no-obligation consultation. We'll be able to provide you with a clear answer.

Beard Transplant with FUT Method

The FUT method is no longer used. The procedure, which can be defined as hair root surgery, has many disadvantages. Surgical removal of the roots causes scarring within the extraction locales. Hair roots are planted at the same angle as the facial hair and mustache zones, which causes the hairs to grow upright. Wounds within the hair follicles heal gradually. Beards and mustaches grow in bunches. Most critically, the person experiences numbness, pain, and tension within the neck of the neck.

Beard Transplant with FUE Method

Beard and mustache transplant with the FUE method is the most frequently utilized method in last recent years. Hair roots are taken one by one from the flexed or cheekbones and neck zone of ​​the face. It is planted according to the natural exit point of the facial hair and mustache. Hair follicles are taken and transplanted without cutting the skin, so there's no scar and pain. Beards and mustaches grow one by one, not as a bunch. In addition, the risk of infection is reduced as no wounds are shaped.

Things to Consider After Beard - Mustache Transplant

  • It is recommended not to wear clothes that will cause friction on the other day of beard and mustache transplantation. It is important that the person lies on his back on a primary day.
  • Bandages should not be connected to the beard and mustache zone. Hair may come off by staying to the bandage.
  • After the beard and mustache transplant, the face should not be washed for 48-72 hours. In case of inflammation, the face should be washed with the cleaning set used after hair transplant. Within the first face washing handle, rubbing should not be done, the face ought to be washed in a patting style.
  • It is suggested on the 12th day after the first shave after facial hair and mustache transplant. This period is of great significance for the roots to be kept completely. After 12 days, the individual can cut the beard and mustache either with a shaver or a razor.
Sapphire Technology At TrawellMed Hair Clinic in Turkey

Technology, an indispensable component of the health and tourism sector, continues to make our lives easier by making more advanced day by day. The introduction of new procedures within the field of hair transplantation in Turkey, along with high technologies, increases the naturalness and quality at the greatest level.

The Sapphire head, the modern innovation of hair transplantation technology, uses real sapphire tips. With the sharpness and solidness of sapphire, it has been watched that it has the potential to heal 2 times quicker, especially by anticipating scarring in the process after the completion of the treatment. Sapphire tip innovation has given the hair transplant industry the capacity to visibly achieve a characteristic appearance. It has been a really valuable technology for us in this situation.

At last, it should not be forgotten that the individual performing the hair transplant operation should take care of making personal planning. It is never understood that an individual who has an exceptionally natural appearance with the help of the sapphire tip procedure after careful work has had a hair transplant.

At TrawellMed in Turkey, we have made special plans for every one of our patients. If you want to analyze and make sure you’re suitable for a bread hair transplant, contact us by filling out the form orchat with our hair care specialist directly via Whatsapp.

Beard Transplant Before and After

Please visit our Instagram profile to see all our patients before and after photos for Beard Transplant in Turkey at TrawellMed!

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