Almond Eye Surgery in Turkey: All You Need to Know

Almond Eye Surgery

Almond Eye Surgery

last update06.04.2022

Almond-shaped eyes are characterized by a slightly raised outer corner or corner of the eye and a lower eyelid that sits below the iris. 

Almond Eyes Surgery in Turkey

Almond-shaped eyes are characterized by a somewhat raised external corner or corner of the eye and a lower eyelid that sits underneath the iris.

Almond eye surgery (moreover known as hunter's eye surgery when talking around the method in men) could be a procedure that's common in many people and is utilized to correct the sagging of the lower eyelid form that can lead to fatigue, sadness and pulled back attitudes. This strategy could be a special shape of blepharoplasty and should be performed by a highly qualified plastic or eye surgeon.

Almond-shaped eyes are characterized by a somewhat raised external corner or corner of the eye and a lower eyelid that sits underneath the iris. Many people normally have this eye shape due to their ethnicity or genetics, whereas others may have a totally diverse shape.

Appearance can have a tremendous mental affect, and eyes, in specific, play an important role in seen attractiveness and communication. Considers have shown that in a few cultures and ethnic groups around the world, certain eye shapes are considered to be characteristic of excellence. In this manner, a few people may need to have almond eye surgery to achieve a more attractive or less tired looking eye shape.

Whereas the contours of the eyelids change significantly resulting in many distinctive eye shapes, usually as it were mostly due to the makeup of the eyelids. Eye shape is ordinarily determined by the shape of the midface, the profundity of the eye attachments, and most critically the measure of the eyeballs.

Before and After Photos at TrawellMed

You can visit our Instagram profile or contact us via WhatsApp to see TrawellMed almond eye surgery results and before and after photos in Istanbul, Turkey.

What is Almond Eye Surgery?

The almond eye surgery procedure, which in some cases is confused with cat eye lift surgery, is a made strides and advanced procedure to settle clutters like drooping eyelids that make you see sad or depleted and maybe a small melancholic by fixing the lower eyelid.

On the other hand, people get this surgery with an point to have more alluring eyes to be one step forward whereas they are communicating with others. Moreover, the drooping of your eyelids may clear the way for a few unpleasant circumstances such as dried eye, irritation, and indeed vision lost at a few degree. As you will get, this is often a specialized procedure that needs to be performed by a well-trained surgeon.

To conclude, in case you think that your eyelids should be settled or made strides in terms of appearance, you'll consult on a clinic or specifically to a plastic surgeon to have a thought. Keep in mind simply should be wise within the course of choosing which clinic to go!

Almond Eye Surgery Procedure at TrawellMed

  • A local anesthetic is utilized for almond eye surgery.
  • Eyes are raised up with therapeutic filaments after the eye region has been calmed.
  • Medical yarns are joined on the bone surface and 3-4 stitches are embedded after accomplishing almond eyes.
  • These sutures are not clear after operation since they are concealed among the cells.
  • One week after your sutures are taken, you'll gradually start to apply cosmetics products. In common, almond eye surgery takes one hour.
Why Should You Choose The Clinics In Turkey?

The health tourism companies in Turkey offer you the finest at a low cost. The country may be a pioneer of medical surgeries in terms of success rates. By the by, as previously mentioned, they do it for a little cash for you when it is compared to European countries. Of course, the greatest reason for this crevice is the currency trade rates and economy of Turkey.

Turkey could be a draw for people who as were involved for one or two seasons in their domestic country. That's, the country, with its sunny and brilliant days, golden sand coastlines, and green forests, is holding up for you to visit.

TrawellMed surgeons work with the most excellent doctors for each plastic surgery operation for you to have the best result and experience in Istanbul, Turkey.

If you are interested in a consultation for cosmetic surgery please fill out the form or contact us via Whatsapp.

Who Could be a Great Candidate for Almond Eye Surgery?

You may be wondering if you're a good candidate for almond eye surgery in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Patients with drooping, sagging, or loose lower eyelids would be appropriate candidates for this treatment, particularly if the existing appearance and shape of the eye cause them distress.
  • Anyone who needs a modern shape on their facial area.
  • The ones who don't have genuine issues which prevent them to function in the eye zone.
  • Non-smokers
  • The people who have sensible expectations around the results of a corrective surgery count the almond eye surgery.


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